My name is Michael and I am a User Experience Designer with a background in healthcare, customer service, and freelance design. I have transitioned into this field where my love for helping people and for design come together. My knowledge and commitment to the users allows me to create simple, friendly experiences.


Case Studies & UX Projects


Informational Website

Informational website with the goal to decrease the percentage of dogs that end up in shelters and euthanized. This website is to educate people, who are planning to welcome a new member of the family, and make sure they get a lifelong friend who suits their lifestyle.

My Role

I was the Lead Product Designer & Reseacher.

Main Goal

Reduce the amount of dogs being sent to shelters and educate those who want a new dog.


Prescription Delivery App

Prescription delivery service for those who have busy schedules and do not have time to sit and wait for their medications to be ready. There are apps that deliver food, why not an app that delivers your medications?

My Role

I was the Lead Product Designer & Reseacher.

Main Goal

Make the lives of people with mobility restrictions easier.


Website where people who are in the UX/UI community can sharpen their creative skills by becoming masters in multiple design platforms. Also serves as a resource for those who want to make a career transition or simply acquire new skills.

My Role

I was the Lead Product Designer & Reseacher.

Main Goal

Make career transitions into Design an easy experience.

Freelance Designer: ERA Cleaning Services

The client owns a cleaning service company for hospitals, offices, schools etc. and he was in need of an original logo.

My Role

I was the lead researcher and designer for my client.

Main Goal

Meet and exceed client's expectations of design for his start up company.

Design tools I'm most experienced in

Adobe XD


Adobe Illustrator


Adobe Photoshop


Nice to meet you.

Email: or call me at 407-446-6494

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