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 nice to meet you.

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I hope your experience was a pleasant one. I am a User Experience Designer looking to enhance and better the overall User Experience of any and all apps! I believe having a great user experience will promote more clients, lasting relationships with those clients, and better the world through UX. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Below I have some more information about me and how I got started in User Experience.

Who I am

How I got started in User Experience

What I've been working on 

What I'm curious about

I'm 29 years old married, with a new baby girl named Isabella. I'm a very easy-going, laid back person with a love of movies, comics, sports, and everything '90s. Star Wars and DC comics are my absolute favorites.


As much as I play hard, I also work hard. I enjoy working as part of a team (teamwork makes the dream work!), I commit to the clients, their needs, and make sure my work is at 100% in every stage.


January, 2017 - The year I started my Freelance Design Business. Around the same time, a friend of mine spoke to me about UX/UI Design. Curiosity struck and so I did some research about the field. After looking in depth, I felt that I would love and excel in this career path.

I immediately looked for online training programs and bootcamps. Once I finished the trainings, I started applying everything I learned into my business, strengthening my portfolio, and networking across the UX community. I became a big advocate of UX/UI and envisioned the endless possibilities of giving the world a better User Experience.

Currently I've been working closely with fellow UX/UI Designers in a UX daily challenge to strengthen our design skills and keep us sharp in the industry. 

I am also in the process of researching a new idea for a delivery service app that delivers prescription medications to the elderly or infirm from their local pharmacy. Stay tuned for the prototype!

I'm always curious about change and how we can make our lives better, happier and simpler. Since technology is ever evolving, I am always wondering about "what's the next big thing" that the world has to offer and "how can we make that simple and user friendly?"

With a passion for design and the desire to help others, I cannot wait for the next opportunity to bring people joy and satisfaction through my services in User Experience.

Contact me

Email: mike.martinez1990x@gmail.com or call me at 407-446-6494

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