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The Client

Client was looking for a new and exciting brand for his new professional cleaning business

Met and spoke with client about his new cleaning business. After chatting with the client, and getting to know more about his goals, needs, and expectations, the client stated his vision was a fun, friendly logo that expressed the business' personality and work ethic.


Client was in need for the project to be completed in about 2 weeks.


•Sketch by hand

•Adobe Illustrator



Design a logo that exceeded the client's expectations and met his requirements.

The Research

UX Researcher to the test!

Spent several days researching cleaning companies; their slogans, business ethics, logos, and customer experience.

I started looking at my notes from my client meeting, and comparing my client's expectations. 

I finally thought of several ideas and concepts. Once I had them down, it was time for some real fun... Sketching!


After researching different logos for cleaning companies, it was time to have fun and sketch out a few ideas.

With the client's interest's and needs in mind, I sketched out a logo that I believed would suit my client's liking.

Once finished, I called and met with the client to share the rough draft. (Of course I could have emailed it to him, but I wanted to create a more positive experience for my client and hopefully develop a lasting relationship.)

"What's your Vector, Victor?"


From the love of sketching, to the adoration of vectoring!

The final decision was made by the client of how he wanted the logo to look. Once the rough draft was chosen, it was time to vectorize the logo.

The tools I used for the final draft:

 - Adobe Illustrator

 - Inkscape

Due to me working full-time in healthcare, having other clients, and personal life responsibilities, the project took two weeks to complete. Thankfully the client wasn't in too much of a hurry, but I wanted to make him aware of each 
step of the process. After completing the project, I created two versions of the design, one for print and one for web, and met with the client to present to him his brand new logo! 

Utilizing User Experience


Lessons Learned

Having a User-Centered mentality

By implementing UX Design methodologies into my business, I've learned that it helps having a User-Centered mentality when designing for clients, because it's all about the customer's experience and satisfaction.

This project taught me a lot in regards to time management, developing a business, and keeping the clients happy. User Experience is something that in every business, from corporate to freelance, should be inculcated in their practices. By doing so, more people around the world would be more satisfied with their products and experience.

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