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Problem Statement

Thousands of dogs every year are being sent to shelters and euthanized, all because the breed wasn't suited for the person / family

Thousands of dogs every year are being sent to shelters and euthanized, all because the breed wasn't suited for the person / family

You have a father bringing home a Rottweiler puppy for his two kids and the family. This is the first time the family has had dog to care for. The family is very excited for the new addition to their family. Months pass by, and the dog is very destructive in the house. The family realized it was mistake and can't find a home for the dog, so they send it to the shelter.


Who are the User's for this website?

Who benefits from this website?

Those who are looking for the right pet that fits their lifestyle.

From a family looking to add a new addition to their home, to guard the home and family, to the single young college student looking for a companion to go on hikes with.

Each of these users can benefit from the website, to find the best dog that matches their lifestyle. 

User Persona

Never can have enough Inspiration

I chose to incorporate a User Persona because I believe the value of information presented by a User Persona makes the project more lively. It enables empathy towards the users, which is a crucial quality to have as a User Experience designer.


Number of cats and dogs entering shelters each year: 6-8 million.

Based on the research I have found, an average of 7.6 million dogs are in shelters every year. Among that figure, 71% of them are euthanized. Majority of these figures are a result of lack of knowledge on behalf of the owners and not knowing much of the breed they adopted/purchased.

Opportunity Statement



With the information that FindFido would provide for potential dog owners, the percentage of dogs being sent to shelters, and euthanized will greatly decrease

Family Life

Health & Life


House / Apt





Below you will find different concepts and the reason why I chose a particular design layout for the project.

You will find here my preparation for the project. I start of writing out my problem statement and the purpose for the website. I find beneficial to do this prior to designing because it lays down a foundation and basis for my work.

I have two rough drafts of the layout for the website. I decided to have two different layouts to test and see which has the better experience for the users.


I sketch out my ideas for logos for the website. After sketching out a few, I choose the best three designs, then find away to incorporate all three into one design.

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