Forget about the line and the wait for your prescriptions!

Have your medications delivered from your local pharmacy!

Problem Statement

Average wait time for prescriptions to be ready for pick up is 1-2 hours.

You have an elderly woman who has trouble getting around town. Running errands sometimes can be a challenge. Due to health and funds, sometimes she can’t find transportation to her local pharmacy.


On the other hand, you have a single parent with a very busy schedule. From going to work, to taking care of the children, certain tasks can be very inconvenient such as trying to pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy, and the wait being horrendous. 


Which Users would benefit the most from using App?

From the elderly citizens who have trouble getting around town, to the single parents with no free time to get certain tasks done. This app can improve the lives of those who either do not have time, or cannot freely move around, to access their medications without having to wait long wait times and conveniently deliver the medications to the patient's home.

User Personas


I decided to incorporate a User Persona for this project. The reason behind my decision is because i felt that having one would make assist me in designing more specifically for Users like this one! With this persona, more ideas came up during the Idea phase on how to make the app easier to use for my Users.


Researchers found that patients using local pharmacies were only following their prescription regimen about 47% of the time, while patients using  almost 74% percent of the time when using mail-order pharmacy.

Insurance companies like, Express Scripts, started the pharmacy mail order service where people can receive their medications in the mail in a few days. But what if it's an emergency, and the patient's need their medications today? That's where Rxpress comes in!


Opportunity Statement

Currently, mail order pharmacies exist for the convenience of having patient’s medications delivered via mail instead of going to their local pharmacy. However, there a few disadvantages when it comes to mail order. Hence, why a prescription delivery service would be ideal.

Rxpress Features

Pharmacist Video Support

Certified Pharmacy Tech

Safe and Reliable Service

Same day delivery

Medication Information

Social Encouragement

Choice of Pharmacy


In the concepts below you will find the different stages of the design process and also reason why I chose that particular method.


Rxpress Homepage draft.

Having a basic and simple layout from login to homepage to confirmation.

I went the simple route for the layout because my main target audience (the elderly) would find it easier to maneuver and understand.

Welcome Page Concept

In this concept, I decided to add a 'Welcome Page' to introduce the basics of the application while adding simplicity for the users. The reason behind a welcome page was to incorporate more friendliness towards the users and explain the 'ease of use' of the application


Main page

After initial set up and login page, the application will take you to the Main page where the patient's medications will be listed.

The main page will include simple, detailed information for each medication the patient is currently taking. The reason for this is because with the long, complicated name of medications, it's hard to remember or understand the purpose for the medication.



Wireframing and Prototyping

Here, you will get to see the Lo-Fidelity wireframes of each draft and at the end, be able to take the app for a test drive!


Welcome Message!

As soon as the application is opened, the welcome page goes over a brief overview of how the app will help people in delivering their medications, and how to feel comforted knowing it is safe to use.


Sign Up Page!​

After the welcome page, the application will take you to the sign up page. Here, you will enter you personal information i.e. address, pharmacy. Afterwards, the app will integrate with the pharmacy of your choosing and find your medication list.

Order Page.png

Main Page

After the initial profile builder, the application will take you to the main page where a list of your medications are displayed. Since the application integrates with the pharmacy, it add the your insurance information as well.

From the main page, you will be able to select one or all of your medications that you want delivered to your home. You will confirm your order before placing it. Once placed, you will be able to track your order and an ETA will be provided!


Login Page

Here the user will have the option to use Fingerprint setting to easily login their profile!

Test Video

Below you will see the High fidelity version of the app. I decided to incorperate an easy and interactive welcome page to bring more comfort to the users. With a simple introduction, the users can feel confident in navigating through the app.

Welcome Page

Welcome page.png

Signup / Login Page

Sign Up Page.png

I designed the layout to be easy to read and understand, knowing that the majority of the users would be an older and wiser crowd.

To make things easier for the users, I decided to incorperate a fingerprint scanner option for the app so that the users would not need to remember nor enter their password everytime they login.

Home Page

Rxpress Mockup

Final Draft - HF Rxpess

Lessons Learned

Success through failures

Throughout this project, I've come across several obstacles. One of which was getting over my self doubt. Getting over questions I ask myself like, "Is this a good idea?" "Do I have enough information to support the outcome?" "Have I made a simple design with users in mind?"

Despite these obstacles, my desire to assist those in need outweighs my doubt and pushes me through to finalize and complete the project. 

I am proud to say that I enjoyed working on this project! Being able to incorporate my strengths in healthcare, my passion for design, and the love of helping people all in one! This experience has taught me a lot, and has made me a better designer by putting more emphasis on the users, rather than design.

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