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Roughly 80% of people I spoke with and researched were unhappy or unsatisfied with their career choice.

Being in healthcare for almost ten years, I've seen many in my profession that have always wanted more for themselves. With such busy schedules and limited funds, how can anyone transition from their careers without hurting their economic situations, jobs and families? This idea is to help those wanting to get into the Design field without the hassle and expense of going back to school and the freedom to do so at their own pace.

What about those already in the industry? Whether you are a Graphic Designer, UX/UI Designer, Developer or Web Designer, you can enhance your abilities by mastering different software platforms to better yourself as a designer!


From Strategy, to research, to design the time it took to complete was 1 month


Working on my own as the UX/UI Designer. From interviewing people to user testing, I've incorporated several users in the process.


Create the best User Experience site for those wanting to better themselves in life!


As someone who personally experienced this unsatisfactory level in a career, how can I make this easier for others?

From my UX/UI Studies and coursework, this was the appropriate time to incorporate the key fundamentals of User Experience; Strategy, Scope, Structure, Skeleton, and Surface.


Strategy: With my Rocketbook, Sharpies and pens ready for use, I sat down with many people (different times for each person) and gathered as much information as possible i.e. goals for the company such as: Who? What? Why? and How?


Who? - Those who are in need of a career change, and those who want to excel in their Design careers.


What? - Website for users to be trained and certified in Design platforms such as Adobe XD, Sketch, and InVision. Also Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop for those who want to be a Graphic Designer.


Why? - People are not happy with their careers and want to change, but due to responsibilities have no time to attend college and not enough funds. Most college coursework does not cover UX/UI or covers it briefly.


How? - Essential tools:

Adobe Illustrator - Logo designs.

Adobe XD - Wireframing, prototyping, Lo and hi Fidelity designs.

Rocketbook - Hand drawn wire framing, key research and documentation.


Who are my Users? By scheduling time to discuss the matter with different people who want a change in careers, I gain knowledge of what the users are looking for in a website like this.

I interviewed over 50 people. I had my coworkers volunteer as part of my user research. I asked several questions such as: 1."What led you into this career choice?" 2."Would you go back to school? If so, what would you like to study?" 3."What other jobs or careers are you interested in?"

The answers I received were mixed: 30% of the people surveyed were content with their career choice, 65% were unsatisfied and wanted more. The remaining 5% weren't all too sure about what they want.


The 65% of people I spoke with that wanted more, weren't exactly sure about what they would like to do career wise, but they knew they wanted to do something fun, exciting and worthwhile.

What better feeling is there than to help people while having fun!

So began the ideas to incorporate UX Platform courses, along with multiple courses to help users find the right career path.


Another one of the main reasons why so many can't go back to school is because of responsibilities and obligations at home, as well as issues with affordability.

Which brought about the idea to make these courses affordable and accessible to all users.

Research, Research, Research!

Sometimes the research aspect of User Experience can be long and tiresome. However, the more information obtained, the better the knowledge and ability to enhance the user experience! 


After receiving feedback and information from the volunteers, it was time to have some fun! Scope - Surface.

After considering my strategy to attack this project, it was time to consider the rest of the key User Experience Fundamentals.

Scope: What could go wrong? How many online companies are there that promote new careers? Do they guarantee a job? Would I be able to compete with these major companies?

Structure: Time to start sketching- from how the main page should look like, to the ease of accessibility for the users. Is the layout simple to navigate? I Drew up a few ideas and received more positive feedback from one particular design, so I selected it and continued with the courses and the breakdown of each one, to make it simpler and easier for the users to understand.

Skeleton: Now came the part to wireframe the website via Adobe XD with a Lo-Fidelity design to showcase the navigation part of each page.

Surface - after going back and forth with several volunteers, receiving feedback on the usability of the site, I made some changes and then it was time to make it pretty! From the color, typography and logo everything had to be on point in order to attract the users to use my product.

I'm a title. ​Click here to edit me.

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There is no such thing as a "Perfect Design"

Throughout this experience, I've come to learn some valuable lessons. No matter how much eye for detail you have, you can always overlook some aspect. As a UX/UI Designer, quality and teamwork are key for success! Hence why I believe a UX/UI Designer is as good as his or her team is.

This experience with designing UXU-Innovation has strengthened my passion for design and for helping people! At times it was difficult, but with perseverance and the drive to succeed, the project was completed! 


Please feel free to take my prototype for a test run! By clicking the button below, a link will open for you to test it out. Also, feel free to leave a comment on your experience; all opinions are valued and will assist me in becoming a better User Experience designer! 

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